Song of the Horseman

Mark Warren was named a 2022 Georgia Author of the Year in the category of Literary Fiction for Song of the Horseman.

From Georgia Author of the Year Judge Zoe Fishman: “To seamlessly weave descriptive prose and interior thought while propelling a story forward is no small task, but do so while simultaneously evoking empathy for and frustration towards the protagonist is impressive. But to pull that off while meshing two generations’ worth of grief, misunderstanding and racism against a masterfully rendered backdrop of nature in all of its infinite glory while touching on the universal bond between man and animal is downright Herculean. Warren’s prose is magnificently rendered; the kind of writing that makes the reader put down their book for a moment and marvel. This is a story about retracing steps, both literal and figurative to find out where we began. ”

Quote from Mark: “Song of the Horseman is, perhaps, my favorite work, and so I am especially pleased to see it available now. It follows the journeys of two protagonists: one, a Cherokee horse trainer in North Carolina in the 1940’s . . . the other, his mixed breed grandson who teaches high school in 1990’s Chicago.

If this book finds its way to you . . . may it open a window to hear your own song.”

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Song of the Horseman

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