Class Schedule

Spring/Summer 2021 Calendar of Events at

Teaching Native American survival skills & Earthlore
Classes for all ages taught by Mark Warren


[Private classes also available at Medicine Bow or at the site of your choice.]

[ Pre-registration is required for all events. ]

A Plant Workshop in Your Backyard – Survival skills begin with plant knowledge. There is no better way to learn plants than to study those you see each day around your home, through the seasons. Ask friends to join you in discovering Native Americans’ secrets about food, crafts, and medicines. Call or email for information.

 March 21 – ARCHERY RENDEZVOUS – For archers of all skill levels (except raw beginners), a fun and adventurous challenge to win the SILVER ARROW. 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. $10 per person: (bow rental add $10)

March 27 – KNIFE & HAWK – Learn to throw knife and tomahawk with power and accuracy. Weapons provided or bring your own.  $70

April 10 – THE ART OF ARCHERY – A complete lesson from 1999 World Longbow Champion. For all skill levels, ages 8 to 108. Gear provided or BYO.   $80

April 18 – ARCHERY RENDEZVOUS – (See Mar. 21)   $10

May 8 – STALKING WILD ANIMALS – The Cherokee discipline for approaching wild animals undetected. For hunters, photographers, observers, and anyone seeking that quantum leap in the forest from visitor to participant.   $60

May 16 – ARCHERY RENDEZVOUS – (See Mar. 21)   $10

May 22 – THE WILD PLANTS OF SPRING – Learn to identify and use native plants as food, medicine, fire kit, insect repellent, and craft material. An important class for serious survival students.  $65

June 5 – HOW TO IDENTIFY PLANTS – An academic study of Appalachian plant anatomy and physiology to enable your use of a field guide to name the wild herbs, shrubs, trees, and vines that provide sustenance: food craft materials, insulation, insect repellent, and medicine. Classes like this one serve as the most important foundation for all the varied survival skills. $65

June 12 – TO BUILD A FIRE – An in-depth class on wood selection, pyre architecture, and proper fuel layering for a one-match fire. Never fail again.  $50

June 20 – ARCHERY RENDEZVOUS – (See Mar. 21) $10

June 26 – THE ART OF ARCHERY – (See April 10) $80

July 10 – A STUDY OF SUMMER TREES – Identify trees by bark patterns, leaves, smell, limb structure, and habitat. Learn their foods, medicines, cordage fibers, fire-kit use, insect repellency). Appropriate for ambulatory elderly. $60

July 18 – ARCHERY RENDEZVOUS – (See Mar. 21) $10

July 24 – CREATING FIRE BY THE BOW-DRILL – Conjure up fire from dead wood using your handmade fire kit. Learn the species of trees that “swallowed fire” in the ancient days and the sources of tinder that are available even on wet days.  $70

August 7 – THE ART OF ARCHERY – (See April 10)  $80

Aug. 14 – A WALK IN THE SUMMER WOODS – A multi-themed study of insects, birds, wildlife, tracks, trees, edible/medicinal plants, scat, and Indian secrets relating to survival. Appropriate for ambulatory elderly. $60

Aug. 22 – ARCHERY RENDEZVOUS – (See Mar. 21) $10

Aug. 28 – TRACKING – Learn the prints, gaits, and track patterns of native animals of Appalachia and how to track them. $65

Reserve your spot by email or phone, then mail a check or money order made to: Medicine Bow, Ltd. 104 Medicine Bow, Dahlonega, GA 30533

Each class is filled to its limit by a first-come-first-served receipt of check made payable to:  MEDICINE BOW, LTD.  A check received after a class fills is, of course, returned in full.  A cancellation 7 full days before class also returned in full.  Cancellation by 4 full days before class, 50% returned or 60% applied to future workshop.


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