Honor Shirt

Medicine Bow’s Honor Shirt:

Medicine Bow honors those who choose to dedicate themselves to the proficiency of ancient skills and self-reliance. In three areas of primitive skills a standing offer exists for students who would meet the challenge of THE RED SHIRT, by accomplishing one of these three subjects in an assigned area of forest or meadow within a given time limit: fire-creation; plant identification and usage; and archery. The shirt’s bright color is emblematic of an extraordinary challenge well met.

The Honor Shirt can be won by any veteran student of Medicine Bow in Botany, Fire Making and Archery. The rules for each challenge are written up on the plaque at Medicine Bow Lodge.  The attempt to win the shirt is made by appointment with Mark Warren.  Only one try is permissible in one day’s time.  But the frequency of attempting-days is limitless.

Of the thousands of students who have attended classes here, seventeen people own a Medicine Bow Honor Shirt.  The shirt-wearers have achieved their place in the RED SHIRT SOCIETY from ages 12 to 40. There is no set of parameters for this.

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