Moon of the White Tears, ~ the Grandest-Ever Appalachian Do-Si-Do

“What would it look like to create a story of Southern Appalachia’s saddest chapter in history? And to assign the writing of that tale to a dry-wit author in the genre labeled “literary fiction at the quirky cusp of insanity?”

It would look like Moon of the White Tears.

Warning: If, for medical reasons, a doctor has ordered you not to laugh out loud, do not read this book!

This modern-day, comic farce follows the convoluted paths of an ensemble cast of characters, who coincidentally converge on a small mountain town in Georgia. There, in historic Lumpkin County, where gold had been discovered more than a century and a half ago, a part-Cherokee curmudgeon named Hoke Limberlost has undertaken a mission to right the wrongs of the white man’s blight on the once pristine land.

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