The Camp Itawa Mystery Series

A Copperhead Summer, The Last Real Place and A Dance in the Devil’s Rain

Coming Summer 2024

This is the first of a young adult mystery series that follows the exploits of Stoney St. Ney, a counselor at Camp Itawa in the mountains of Georgia. With the help of his laconic friend and mentor—full blooded Cherokee Bobby Whitehorse—Stoney uses his wilderness skills the way a detective uses his gun.

A Copperhead Summer

A summer camper’s parents are divorcing, and the mother hides her son from his abusive father at Camp Itawa in north Georgia. Young Tyler Raintree is secretly bussed off to the mountain wilderness, where he meets eighteen-year-old camp counselor Stoney St. Ney, who will become the boy’s lifeline to safety and sanity.

Stoney is an accomplished woodsman who has gleaned the lessons of the wild from his best friend and mentor, Bobby Whitehorse, a full-blooded Cherokee man who takes care of camp maintenance and the horses. Together, these two Itawa employees take on the role of bodyguard for the boy.

When the father—a ruthless player in organized crime—and his strong-arm associate snatch Tyler from camp, Stoney and Bobby change roles to private detectives in order to locate the abused son. Entering the “wilderness” of the big city (Atlanta) they apply their earthy skills to an urban terrain in an effort to counter-kidnap the boy. Successful, in their venture, the two Itawa staffers return to the mountains with both Tyler and his mother to sequester them from harm. Now war is declared. Stoney and Bobby must now be prepared for not only another kidnapping but also for retribution. When the attempt comes, the action takes place on a whitewater river near Itawa, where Stoney and Bobby hold the advantage.

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