June 2023, A talk about my new book, A Last Serenade for Billy Bonney, with interviewer Mike Mayberry.

April 2023, A lecture on Billy the Kid at the beautiful Booth Western Art Museum.

September 2023, I was honored to be a guest on The Freeology Podcast , a podcast dedicated to each person bettering his/her life, which is quite a mission statement for any interviewer.

May 2023, Native Plants of the Cherokee with Joe Lamp’l from The joe gardener Show. Check out his website for an encyclopedia of information on gardening, and living in a greener world.

March 2023, an interview with award-winner Matt Jolley on his History Worth Saving Podcast.

January 2023, an interview with Lois Reitzes, the popular host of WABE’s City Lights. Mark and Lois talk about Song of the Horseman, the book that earned Mark a Georgia Author of the Year Award (2022 Finalist in Literary Fiction.)

November 2022, an Interview with Frank Morano. Mr. Morano is a New York City radio host. Mark and Frank have a conversation on Wyatt Earp!

August 2022, John Clark paid me some nice compliments about my trilogy on Wyatt Earp, and he paid me one more when he decided to return to Medicine Bow for a second interview, this time on Doc Holliday. It was a pleasure to sit and talk with him about Georgia’s most famous dentist, and the world’s most famous gunfighting dentist! Listen here.

Mark speaks with the renowned Edward R. Murrow Award Winner Matt Jolley on his Georgia Radio Show. Click on the link to hear the interview.

An Interview at Medicine Bow December 2021

(It begins with a commercial.)

A talk with Mark about his Wyatt Earp research and writings was recently featured on Wild West History Association’s YouTube Channel. Check it out here!

North Georgia Life Podcast 2020
Mark Warren – The Epitome of the Outdoor Enthusiast is found at Medicine Bow! Click here to listen!

July 2021 – I was lucky enough to speak with Lois Reitzes again on City Lights about my new book Indigo Heaven, my first stand-alone novel! Listen Here!

On Adobe Moon 2019: I was honored to provide an interview for Lois Reitzes which aired on her famous radio show “City Lights” on WABE Atlanta. She was as well-prepared, smart, courteous and kind as I knew she would be. Thank you for having me Lois! Hear the interview.

From Nov. 2019 from the Fantastic Story Society. So why would a Western Historian from Georgia be invited to speak on a paranormal podcast show in California? I have no idea, but Max and Scott do an excellent job in this interview. Max Timm has a special interest in the West, and they had both done their homework. It is a fascinating program and Wyatt Earp does seem to have an ESP moment in his life (which made Max and Scott very happy.) To find out about that moment and hear the entire interview, Click Here. (Be warned, it is 80 minutes long.)

“Community Life on Northeast Georgia” March, 2011 Courtesy of 88.3 FM WPPR Demorest, GA Medicine Bow on NPR March 8, 2011  

 Interview Medicine Bow on NPR June 2012 

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