Mark Warren is a lifelong student of nature and primitive lore. Growing up in the piedmont of Georgia, he was in love with the forest. After being graduated from the University of Georgia in art and chemistry/ pre-med, he served 10 years as naturalist / environmental educator for The Georgia Conservancy and 17 years as wilderness director for High Meadows Camp.

He is the author of Magic from the Woods and The American Wilderness Awards, both activity books in nature study.  In 1980 he designed and taught Georgia’s first statewide environmental education workshops for public schools which reached thousands of teachers.  For this the National Wildlife Federation honored Mark as Georgia’s Conservation Educator of the Year.

Mark’s canoeing experience comes from 25 years of exploring creeks and rivers and whitewater racing.  He has been the Dixie Division Open Canoe Slalom Champion 5 times, and in 1998 became the U.S. National Champion in the Slalom/Downriver combined.

His relationship with bow and arrow is intimate and atavistic, though he no longer chooses to hunt.  Archery is an art to him.  In 1999 Mark won the men’s division of the World Championship Longbow Tournament.

Mark has taught survival courses to thousands of schools and groups all over the Southeast and as far southwest as the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park … northwest to Washington State … north to St. Croix Scenic River Park in Minnesota. Mark has also taught a special course on survival/nature at Young Harris College as an adjunct professor.

Mark has written extensively about nature for magazines, including: Guernica, Blue Ridge Highlander, North Georgia Journal, Georgia Backroads, Camping, Paddle, Survivor’s Edge, Mother Earth News.

Mark has composed music for the Academy Theater, the Atlanta Symphony, and for public concert, the most recent of which raised money for the Cherokee people of Georgia.

His published books include:
* Two Winters in a Tipi (Lyons Press, 2012), a memoir, a naturalist immerses himself into the flow of the forests of Southern Appalachia
* Wyatt Earp: An American Odyssey (Originally published in hardback by Five Star Cengage, these new paperback versions come from Two Dot in August 2021), an historical novel trilogy that dissects the events and motivations of America’s most iconic lawman. Comprised of:

The Long Road to Legend – Five Star “Readers Favorite” (Originally Adobe Moon“)

Born to the Badge“2019 Spur Award Finalist”

A Law Unto Himselfan “Editor’s Choice” by the Historical Novel Society and winner of the 2020 Will Rogers Medallion Award (under the title Promised Land)

* Secrets of the Forest (Lyons Press, 2020) a 4-volume series that explores the adventures of survival skills: fire, shelter, stalking, hunting, water purification, food gathering, natural medicines, tracking, archery and other projectiles, canoeing and more.

*Indigo Heaven (Five Star – Gale Cengage, July 2021) After the Civil War a battle-hardened Georgian seeks redemption in the open range of Wyoming Territory.

*Librarians of the West: A Quartet (Five Star – Gale Cengage September 2021) – Warren is a contributing author to the anthology. His novella, The Cowboy, the Librarian and the Broomsman is a parody of the Old West set in Montana in the 1870’s.

*Song of the Horseman (SV Original Publication, July 2021) a Chicago schoolteacher embarks on a journey to reclaim his Cherokee heritage by retracing the steps of his long-dead grandfather.

*Last of the Pistoleers (SV Original Publication, October 2021) a modern-day county sheriff in north Georgia applies old-fashioned methods of the Old West to solve a crime in his bailiwick.

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