I was recently honored to provide an interview for Lois Reitzes which aired on her famous radio show “City Lights” on WABE Atlanta. She was as well-prepared, smart, courteous and kind as I knew she would be. Thank you for having me Lois!

Hear the interview.

Mark Warren’s historical-novel trilogy Wyatt Earp, An American Odyssey is available through all major retailers and may be ordered through your favorite Indie bookstore. For more information on each book, please click on the links below.

Book Two – Born to the Badge
Book One – Adobe Moon



Book Three – Promised Land


Secrets of the Forest  a Four Volume Series on Nature and Cherokee Primitive Skills

By Mark Warren

Volume One -The Magic and Mystery of Plants and the Lore of Survival
Volume 2 – The Art of Creating Fire and Storytelling and Ceremony


Volume Three – Stalking and Tracking and Games in the Wild
Volume Four – Archery and Other Projectiles and Canoeing


Two Winters in a Tipi, A Memoir