A Tale Twice Told

Now America has its own Robin Hood . . .

Most people have entertained the idea of a past life, no matter what religion they might be. No one can know for certain, so it leaves us with the question: “What if . . . ?” In my new book, “A Tale Twice Told,” I explore that possibility in a retelling of the Robin Hood legend . . . but set in modern time. What if you were approached by a trusted friend who informed you of your own past life? Would you believe it?

My protagonist, Robert Asherwood, rejects the idea out of hand. But what befalls him in his senior year at a private high school in north Georgia challenges his resistance. As a loner, when he finds himself attached to a new cadre of friends, he must rethink his personal convictions. When he is accused of cheating and expelled, he decides to remain at school as an “outlaw” in the campus forest. The adventures that follow force him to dredge up that old question: “What if?”

The official book launch for “A Tale Twice Told” will be held at Arbor Montessori School in Decatur, GA on January 31. Look for more details to follow soon.